UX Design
User Research


Jan 2019 - Apr 2019


Dionysus Fountain sponsored a design project with our Experience Studio course for the Spring 2019 semester. ​ Our team was given the task of conducting research on the alcohol delivery industry, in order to design a mobile app for an upcoming alcohol delivery service: Dionysus Fountain. ​ We segmented our 12 week time frame into 3 week sprints, which each included a phase of research and design.


Sprint 1 Research

Literature Review


We want to understand more about alcohol consumers, the alcohol industry, and potential user groups


    - Nearly 7 in 10 Americans aged 21 and over (68%) are “regular buyers” of alcohol, while 1 in 10 of this group has bought alcohol online in the past six months

    - Humorous and quirky content is well-appreciated by the community because it adds personality to products

    - Bringing customers online can create a loyal and returning customer vs in store customer

    - Online buyers tend to be higher-earning, younger, male, married, and employed full-time



We aimed to identify the user groups which would be most interested in Fountain. From there, we set out to identify the needs of these user groups to build them a better experience. Finally, we identified potential future user groups and how Fountain may be adjusted to include their needs


    - Participants were concerned about the cost of using an alcohol delivery app versus
picking up alcohol from their local grocery store

    - Participants who are parents are more likely to utilize an alcohol delivery app than
those who are not parents

    - Participants who have a self-professed moderate level of alcohol knowledge are
more likely to utilize an alcohol delivery app

Task Flow

As our sprint was coming to a close, we wanted to make sure we were developing ideas and features that our sponsor wanted. We decided to present him three different task flows that consisted of different iterations of the same screens which were constructed based on our task flow and ideation process. This task flow is the one selected by our sponsor.


Landing Page

This page serves as a guide to assist new users in using Fountain. This is a four-swipe tutorial that introduces users to Fountain, shows users how to make purchases, and introduces the most important features. If users do not require assistance, they can choose to skip the tutorial.


This page serves as the Home screen that users would be directed to after completing or skipping the tutorial. The banner near the top of the screen is used to display recommendations based on events and occasions. Underneath the banner is the marketplace, where users can use filters to find products to purchase. Users can add a product to their saved preferences, add to their cart, or select the product for further information. At the bottom of the screen is the menu, where users can return to Home, conduct searches, use the calendar feature, or see their profile.

Product Details

When a user clicks on a product, they arrive to this screen. Users can select how many products they would like to purchase. Users can see a brief description of the product. Flavors are listed in relation to the user’s flavor profile. How-to videos show users how to make mixed drinks using the product.


This is the Calendar screen, where users can plan for upcoming events. Dates with dots underneath show that there is an event on that day. When a user selects a date, a circle appears around it showing that the user is editing that date. At the bottom of the screen, users can see when the time of the event is schedule and what products are pre-selected for purchase. Clicking the product icons will take the user back to the details page of the selected product.

Flavor Profile

This page serves as the Flavor Profile for users. Here, users can see a visualization of their Flavor Profile. The larger sections of the visualization are used to show that the user has a strong preference for that flavor. Recommendations based on the Flavor Profile are listed below the visualization.

Sprint 2 Research

Analogous Research


We want to understand more about what other related apps were doing, both in the alcohol industry not. Therefore, conducted analogous research to both to understand what our competitors are offering and what features we can incorporate from comparable apps to set Fountain apart. Specifically, we looked at the following apps: Bright Cellars, Spotify, Netflix, Tasty, Saucey, Knorr, Castello, & GoPuff


    - We decided to implement the discover features in the search page like Spotify and some of the other apps did. This way we can take away our discover page from the bottom bar and allow more personalized search categories

    - We need to establish a “brand image” feel like GoPuff did and use that consistent throughout the app

    - We want to use a flavor profile graphic like Castello’s in order to display what tastes the user enjoys

Screening Survey


After our first round of interviews, we identified a broad user group: people aged 21-38 living in urban and suburban areas with varying income. We had 3 main goals:

    - Identify how location (urban, suburban) had an impact on the use of our app

    - Interview more individuals of varying incomes levels and geographic areas, since our first round was mainly college students at Purdue

    - Ask questions related to style guide and gain developed insights that weren’t discussed in the first round of interviews


After our screening survey was delivered, we received 129 responses from which we conducted interviews with 13 willing participants

Low Fidelity Prototype

Home & Marketplace

The search function, shopping cart, and delivery address have been moved to the top of the screen. Underneath the banner is a secondary search function for the marketplace, which includes suggestions underneath. Filters are listed by category underneath the suggestions. The main menu was changed because of icon confusion revealed during the previous guerrilla test. The menu now has a home icon for the Marketplace screen, a compass icon for the Discover screen, a light bulb for the Learn screen, and a person for the User Profile screen.


We included a frequently asked questions page for users to gain a deeper understanding of the app. If a user encountered anything that was confusing to them, then they can reference this page for clarification.


Our team combined the discover and learn page to make it a more accessible area for providing information to our users. For example, if users want to find products and packages that pair well with a BBQ, then they can find that information on this page.

User Profile

We decided to store the calendar page within the user profile, since it was a very personalized feature.

Guerrilla Usability Testing


We wanted to gain quick feedback on our initial prototype sketch, so we conducted Guerrilla Testing with students and faculty on the Purdue University campus


    - Include an “Add a date” feature to the Calendar screen to allow users to easily add an event for a specific date

    - Include a “Send to friend” feature within the Product Details screen that allows the user to send a drink to a friend

    - Clarify whose “wish list” you are adding to. This meant clarifying which event you are adding alcohol preferences to

Sprint 3 Research



From our responses the screening survey pulled in, we conducted user interviews to help further develop our style guide and task flow. Because we interviewed 13 people of varying income level and ages, the takeaways we got from the interviews varied based on these factors


    - Users normally shopped based on convenience and price

    - Users purchased products based on the either type of event or preference of party guests

    - There was minor variety in shopping patterns according to income level

    - Users are interested in learning and making their own drinks, but only if it’s more economical

High Fidelity Prototype

Home & Marketplace

The home page features common special events, a way to filter types of alcohol (beer, wine, etc.), and the marketplace. This is a combination of multiple features offered in the app combined together in the home page, while also includes personalizing features using the special events


The Events page includes different types of events for users for reference if users don’t know what drinks to buy for their events. There are popular events such as date night, and seasonal events such Easter Brunch depending on the time of year. Clicking on an event will take the user to a store page with drinks recommended for that event


The discover page combines both special events and learning features, such as how-to’s and recipes. This is a colorful page for the user to explore and learn about alcohol and the different ways they can use/make drinks. Clicking “see all” will expand the video of these categories


This is an example of one of the store pages. Top sellers show the favorite wine among the users. Recommended wines give advice based on the user’s flavor profile. Seasonal selections feature the special drinks just for this season in case users want to try something else

Product Details

The product details page shows what the user would see if they clicked on an individual product. The user can purchase by the amount and add the product to the cart. They can see a description of the alcohol and the flavors displayed in the alcohol, or explore a featured how-to using that alcohol

User Profile

This is the profile page the user would see. Their name and a short description related to alcohol are displayed at the top, with their friends and saved alcohols located underneath. A taste profile with the user’s top flavors is shown underneath. This is currently just a placeholder until our Sponsor develops this part of the app. Underneath, personalized recommended and buy again sections are displayed


The Calendar page includes a calendar where users can clearly see their upcoming events and details. Add event feature allows users to create their own event and buy drinks for it. Users can add drinks to their events or invite friends to buy drinks for that event as well


This was a great opportunity for our team to experience a project that focused on a nearly complete start to finish application. This project allowed all of us to showcase our skills and areas we specialized in from research to pattern designs. As a team, we all worked wonderfully and developed great relationships with each other throughout the course of the semester. We also faced our challenges as with this project we were in charge of making a lot of choices as to how the app would look and what features would be implemented into it. It was a challenge but also a great opportunity for us to be creative and put our wide range of UX skills to good use. Overall, we all had a great time working on this project and we are super proud of what we created. We hope this is a great start for Dionysus Fountain!